Best way to clean grill grates stainless steel

Best way to clean grill grates stainless steel
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Last Update On : 27 January 2021

Most of us love to eat grilled food that’s why whenever we arrange a party or small gathering of friends or families, we arrange for grill foods. But just think a situation that your guests have already been in your yard, as well as your meats and vegetables, are ready to grill. On the other hand, you bring your grill grates but unfortunately, your grill grates are not suitable to use and a rusty oily grill grates stainless steel will enough to ruin your party and be the reason of your humiliations. Now in this article, lets talk about how to get rid of these humiliations by knowing best way to clean grill grates stainless steel.

Stainless steel is so easy to clean and if your grill grates are made of it, it will be so easy to maintain its properties.

There are so many steels and one of them are stainless steel.

  • Stainless steel is made by using various elements like nickel, iron, carbon, chromium, silicon, manganese. There carbon and nitrogen are non-metal elements. There is nitrogen which is also a very important element used to make steel. Because of using nitrogen, the steel gains more ductility and makes it more resilient. It also decreases the resistance of corrosion.

  • The finishing of the surface of stainless steel can be matt or bright which makes this steel more suitable to use and more pretty to look.

  • It also has best fire resistance properties and because of that, we can easily use it for cooking materials like grill grates.

  • We can see that in its name, it has already been said that it is stainless means it will not affect with the stain of rust but on the other side, if you keep your steel with oil, grease or other dirty things, it will never be the same as it is said. Those oily and dirty properties must affect the steel and make the steel corrode.

  • As stainless steel made of various elements and one of them is chromium. Using chromium makes the steel more useful because chromium from chromium oxide on the surface and makes a layer. For this layer, but on the other side, if you keep your steel with oil, grease or other dirty things, it will never be the same as it is said. Those oily and dirty properties must affect the steel and make the steel corrode.

Why should you use stainless steel grill grates?

  • You should use those elements for cook which is healthy for you. Stainless steel contains no properties which will hamper your health. We have already said about the elements and their activities of stainless steel. So that will ensure you about your health issue.

  • As stainless-steel grill grate has the properties to contain high temperature so it is easy to cook. It also saves time as it takes little time to cook the food properly as well as it saves fuel and money too.

  • Usually, stainless steel has a smooth surface because of chromium oxide. For this reason, it is so easy for users to clean it properly. It does not contain the oily and grease elements of food with it with a strong bond.

  • Seasoning is important for all kind of grill grates but in the case of stainless grill grates, it does not need to season like you have to do in the case of iron grill grates. Stainless steel does not need a lot of layer of seasoning as the elements of stainless steel are friendly with foods.

  • Stainless steel has few elements which makes the grill grates long lasting. Rust or pits or scrapes will never be found in clean stainless steel. So, if you do not use your grill grates which are made of stainless steel, it will never corrode and can use for a very long time.

  • The elements of stainless steel are quite available. It does not need any rare properties to make the steel. So, it is not so expensive and so you can easily buy them from your near store that will not need a lot of money to buy those grill grates.


Importance of cleaning the grill grates

If you want healthy and properly cooked food you must clean the grill grates regularly whenever use them. If you store the grill grates with the oil and grease, it will be attached with the grills and when you will never want to use them again. Even stainless-steel grill grates will be affected by various germs which will be harmful to use later. On the other side, it will take a long time to wash them after many days. Even the stainless-steel grill grates will get some dark spots which not be good to look at.

Best way to clean grill grates stainless steel

There are some different ways to clean the stainless-steel grill grates. You can choose whatever you want because all are effective and by every method, you can get your grill grates clean as new.

  1. Nylon brush

  2. Metal scraper

  3. Enough big container for grill grates

  4. Paper towel or sponge

  5. Vinegar

  6. Baking soda

  7. Aluminum foil

First method:
  1. Keep your grill grates from fire.

  2. Then warp the grills with aluminum foil properly

  3. After that, you have to close the lid and keep the grill for 15 minutes in high temperature which can be about 500 to 550-degree Fahrenheit.

  4. To remove the foods and grease from the grill grates you have to use a grill brush. You also can use a scraper to clean the carbon from the grill grates.

  5. Then use water to wash the residue.

Second method:
  1. Get your grill grates and make it cool.

  2. Then get a tub which is enough big to carry the grill grates.

  3. Put the grill grates into the tub.

  4. Put water and half cup of liquid dish detergent into the tub.

  5. Get enough water that the grill grates are drowned properly.

  6. Then put one- fourth of baking soda into the tub.

  7. Make enough foam.

  8. Scrub the grills properly with a scrub pad.

  9. Then wash them with water flow.

Third method:
  1. Put the grill grates in the tub.

  2. Fill the tub with water.

  3. Then you have to make a mixer with white vinegar and baking soda. For this, you need two cups of white vinegar and one cup of baking soda.

  4. Pour the mixer into the water.

  5. Keep the grill grates with the water and mixer for more than one hour. Actually, it depends how much grease and oil are attached with the grill grates.


  • You have to choose your liquid detergent perfectly. Because if you choose powerful detergent, it will react with the stainless steel and will damage the grill grates. Even it can also reduce the smoothness of stainless steel. In some cases, some detergents make small holes in the grill grates which will create problems when you will use them to cook foods and so because of those holes some places will be overcooked some will not be properly cooked. So, avoid this problem you must use proper detergents.

  • You must avoid steel scrub to scrub the grill grates because the grill will contain a lot of heat and when you will go to scrub with steel scrub it will be broken and which will be found in the grill grates. After that, when you will go to cook your food you will find those broken parts from steel scrubs and no one will expect that.

  • You must use proper protection whenever you are going to touch the grill grates because stainless still contains a lot of heat of a long time and it will be risky for the users to touch those grills with bare hand. To avoid this problem users can use thick hand gloves or cloths which will protect the hand.

  • The elements you have to use to sock in the water are most of them are base or acidic which are not good for skin. If you touch or work with them with bare hand it will cause many skin problems. So, when you will make the mixer with baking soda or vinegar or dish washing soap and rinse the grill grates you must use plastic hand gloves which will protect your hand. On the other side, the grill grates will have lots of oil, grease, and food extras and you will not feel good to touch them with bare hand as well as your hand will become dirty. So, to avoid these problems you must use proper hand gloves.


If you want healthy as well as well-cooked smoked food from your stainless-steel grill grates, you must keep your grill grates neat and clean. To clean your grill grates properly, you must follower the proper ways which are already mention in the article which will keep your stainless-steel grill grates healthier and can use them for a long time. So, try to do little more work and make good food with clean stainless steel.


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