Want to Taste Spicy Grilled Ribs? Here is the Mystery of How to Grill Ribs?

how to grill ribs
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​Last Update On : 26 January 2021

Grilling the ribs of an animal might be a bit irritating as it takes a bit more time to cook. But when the cooking is complete, you really can’t imagine how good it tastes.

Grilled ribs are always the best delicious meal for people. If you want to turn your casual afternoon into a beautiful party mood/ occasion with friends, grilled ribs will be the best food choice for you.

Well! Taking about grilling the ribs, it is straightforward yet; people have lots of questions about how to grill ribs. If you are one of them as well, then I would suggest you not to worry. In this article, you will get the clear solution for those questions. So what are you waiting for? Dive in! And start having some excellent meals.

Ingredients You Need to Grill Spare Ribs

It is evident that, to cook something you need some ingredients to put on them. Likewise, grilling ribs also require some ingredients, which makes them juicy as well as yummy.

Some people have different taste. Thus, they use different ingredients for those taste. But the ingredients for the genuine is mention down below:

  • Four pounds of spare ribs of pork

  • Two teaspoons of the paprika

  • Salt must be just one teaspoon

  • Ground Cumin of one teaspoon

  • One cup of sauce (barbeque). (Homemade or purchased doesn’t matter)

  • Brown Sugar 2 teaspoons

  • Black pepper 2 teaspoons

  • Ground allspice will be of ¼ teaspoon

  • Cayenne pepper will be a ½ teaspoon

If you think you need something else to add for some better taste. You can add them and taste it. As I told you before, many people add many things according to their choice. So why not you? But make sure that, to add something new, don’t forget these ingredients.

Now as you have got all the proper ingredients, let’s jump in and know how to use these ingredients and bring out a good taste. Otherwise, no matter what you mix. Everything will taste awkward as hell. So before you start, make sure you know all the steps correctly.

Ways or Procedure of How to Grill Ribs

Here comes the most exciting part. This article is where you will learn how to grill ribs. With this first procedure, you can even have the most delicious dish of your life.

Out of 10 people, 9 of them follow this procedure to grill the ribs. They prefer this way the most. So let’s see how to make a delicious grill of ribs:

  • Gather the brown sugar, allspice, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper altogether and make a simple spice rub. Make the mixture extremely good and smooth.
  • If you find any excess fat around the ribs, trim them off. Otherwise, they will give the worst taste. But don’t hassle if there are a few small bits left, because those little bits helps the meat from drying out. And as you know, if the flesh completely dries out, how will it taste?

  • After that, sprinkle or spread the mixture of the spice all over the meat. And rub them gently so that it takes the entire shape of that flesh.
  • If possible, you can do one more thing, and that is, wrap up the ribs or place them inside any container. Then put those ribs along with the container or the wrapper in a refrigerator and refrigerate it for at least a couple of hours.

  • Now then, as you complete the mixture rubbing, so grill the ribs with a medium temperature of heat. Don’t put the direct heat on the bones. Here comes the most interesting twist. In this case, your patience is what matters the most.
  • Wait for around 2 hours and heat the ribs. Heat it, until you see that bones of the ribs slightly peek off the flesh. Grill the ribs from all around the side. Don’t just place the heat from one side and let it burn. The thicker the bones will be the more time it will take to cook or grill.

  • After that, when you will see that the ribs are almost done the grilling, at that moment brush the barbeque sauce whole over the ribs. It is the moment where the real barbeque taste comes from. Rub the sauces at every space of the bones. On the other hand, to be external, you can also provide the barbeque sauce externally when you are serving the grilled ribs

Well! It is the answer to all of the people who are asking, how to cook ribs? Right above, I mentioned the best natural ways to grill ribs. There are lots of people who are following this procedure and enjoying their occasion or parties.

Moreover, the more you will give effort, the better the taste you will get. And lastly who doesn’t love the grill ribs, and talking about grilling them my self is something special.


Types of Ribs People Loves to Have after Grilling

Before you go for grilling the ribs and start having them. Let’s see first that there are how many types of bones that you will taste perfect after cooking. There are there different rib’s types which carry different tastes.

These ribs not just tastes different; instead, they have different textures as well. You have to cook them or grill them with different techniques. We researched and brought out the result of three types of ribs. These ribs taste awesome after, and they are the most popular for their taste as well. So, they are:

  • St. Louis-Style Ribs

These spare ribs are very healthy as well as delicious. These ribs have no tips at the top. These ribs will irritate you a lot while cooking or grilling as it needs lots of tricks to roast them. They are the rectangular and uniform shape. But tearing off the juicy ribs with your teeth and having them gives the feel of heaven.

  • Baby Back Ribs

These are the most available ribs. You will get it at any department store. These ribs are very different from all the other bones. Baby Back Ribs are a lot fleshy, skinny compared to other rib bones and they are small in size as well.

  • Spare Ribs

These bones are delicious as they are larger compared to all the other bones and they are also flat. If you want to make this spare ribs a bit tender, then you can make it very quickly. All you have to do is to cook it for a long time. It takes time to tender as it has lots of connective tissues.

These are the types of ribs that people love to grill and have at a party, occasion, get together and many more. People have different tastes.

Thus, to some people spare ribs are best, some love Baby Back Ribs, and some like the ST. Luis-style ribs. But to be honest, in this article, I am going to discuss the spare ribs which the most favorite one to most of the Europeans.

Increase the Taste of Grilled Ribs

Nothing tastes better than delicious juicy grilled ribs. Especially when you will be starving, and at that moment someone invites you to enjoy a grill party, really amazing!

So as you know the grill is the best part of fantastic taste, so why not dive in and make those taste much more beautiful? You can increase the taste of your grill ribs with the following process:

1. Burn the ribs and make it grill using a smoker

2. Use less sauce instead of dipping the flesh inside the sauce

3. No matter what you do to grill ribs, use the same rub

Serving Better

By now, you may have already made one and testing it now. Would I ask you to confess that is the taste terrible? Well! Not! But before you start serving them, I would suggest you chop them and serve them into pieces. Cut the one bone into two bone sections. It will help the person to have them with better comfort.

Don’t cut is rash, cut them deep to the bone so that both the portion contains lots of meat to have. Serving these grill ribs along with the sauce of the barbeque, a lengthy wine glass full of lemonade, a cob filled with corns and last few pieces of napkins will entirely change the mood as well as the look of that dish.


So far in this article, you got the best natural ways to have a delicious dish of grill ribs. I guarantee you that people who don’t know how to grill ribs? Or facing a lot of problems with grilling the ribs bones?

They will find their answers in this article. They are already having and enjoying some grilling ribs as well. So, what are you waiting for to prepare one for you and through a party, if you haven’t started yet?


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