About Me

Hello everyone. I’m Jimmy Cooper. I’m a retired chef and lover of food. In my search for different cooking equipment throughout the years has left me exhausted. But often I’ve found some gems. My friends and family always come to me for advice before buying any grill or smoker. After putting much thought in it, I figure it will be helpful for others if I share my wisdom with others. See a meat smoker is not really a complicated machine but you have to know what you want. Some smokers are cheap, but they might not have the space you need. There are also digital smokers that can measure and control the time and amount of smoke. These might be good for the amateurs to use. There are also portable smokers to use for camping. So there is a suitable smoker for everyone. You just have to know which one is the best for you and that is where I come to help.

There are so many smokers on the market that I can honestly see how one can be confused. A lot of the time someone will ask me if they should buy a professional smoker or they should just buy a cheap one and first learn how to smoke meat. Well, I say that there is no reason to buy a practice smoker first and then buy an actual one. That is just a waste of money. So my advice will be to buy the smoker you want and practice. You cannot learn meat smoking in a day. Hell, it will take years. But if you can follow the advice given in this website you will be successful. As a born and raised Texan, I enjoy throwing BBQ parties for my friends and family. So not only for work purposes but also for social and economic purposes I’ve used many smokers. Many of them have been disappointing because of false advertising and also because of my inexperience.

Smoking meat dates back to prehistory so you would think that it is a very easy method. Well, you would be wrong. Our ancestors used to smoke meat to preserve them. So I doubt that their method was very sophisticated. We smoke meat to enhance flavor. So there is a difference. A lot of people are afraid to smoke their own meat because it takes a lot of time to cook. While it does take a lot of time to cook, I assure you it’s worth it. Eating BBQ at restaurants can be quite expensive, and my family and I like to eat BBQ at least once a week. We can do this because we smoke and grill our own meat. This way we can also control the flavor.

When I decided to open this website first, I was hesitant, but as I ventured around the internet, I noticed that there was a lot of misinformation about this particular subject also I believe I can add a lot of new and useful information that can help a lot of people. I really hope that this website is beginning of something new. I wish to share the technique with you that I have already tried and perfected but if there is anything new that I can learn from you guys that will be appreciated. I truly believe there is no age limit in learning. Maybe together we can discover many new things.

I am currently working on many other exciting things for this website. Hope you guys like it. My wish is to give to the point and easy advice to beginners and to help others find the smoker that is a perfect fit for them. I personally believe if you take care of and use your smoker properly you don’t have to buy another one in your lifetime. I hope to share my useful knowledge with you guys. Tips and tricks I wish I had known when I just started. I will be giving advice on both professional and home smoking methods. So a lot of people can take note. I will also be comparing different smokers, point out their pros and cons and give you advice on which will be the best for you. I plan to debunk a lot of misinformation. If even one person can find all this information helpful I will think of this as a success. I hope to inspire a lot of you to smoke your own meat at home, and I will break down the necessary steps for you. So I hope everyone finds them helpful. That is all. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will be able to learn something new.