A Quick Guide: How to Clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes!

How to Clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes
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Last Update On : 27 January 2021

Today’s Simple Lesson: How to Clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes!

I’m a total clean freak! I can’t stand dirt and mess around my house, especially in my kitchen. But we all get busy right? There are moments when I want to devote some time for my household but literally cannot because of jobs and livelihood. It’s very common today with us, the working women!

Now that’s the reason why I have to deal with dirty grills! I have a Weber gas grill. The moment I noticed something is creepy is once I start to light it after a long session of no cleaning. The igniters get clogged and it’s hard to light it up.

So I discovered a fantastic way to do some deep cleaning. That’s going to be our topic folks! I’ll tell you everything about how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes. Of course, these dirty tubes are the main reason for clogs. Let’s get into it!

The Things You Need

It’s important to have the right tools to do the job correctly. You need to be well prepared if you want an effective deep cleaning.

The whole process is going to be super messy ladies. Make sure you get a good pair of gloves. Don’t just grab pharmacy gloves! The whole mess is going to get into your hands through that thin material. Eww… You need proper kitchen gloves that are long up to your elbows.

Get a good grill brush. You will need them to deal with the mess around the burner. Also, grab some toothpick. Other things you need is perhaps a putty knife and some washing rags or kitchen towels.

Preparing the Burners

The first step on how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes is to start with making everything turn off. Check properly and make sure that the gas supply is off that passes to your grill. What you can do here is to completely disconnect the gas tank.

This way you would be safe with the grills. Next, you need to eliminate the grates off the grill. Use some spray degreaser here. Make sure to spray a good coating over the grill. Let it sit for some while. Now simply grab a stainless scrubbing pad and start rubbing.

You can also use grill brushes if you feel comfortable with those. Make sure you rub to the direction of grime. Otherwise, there might be chances of harming the surface.

Also, you need to prepare well by checking if anything is there under the grates that might be covering the gas burners. There are grills that use different things. For example a lava rock grate or ceramic briquettes trays. Make sure you delicately remove these stuff.

Now use the brush and properly rub these. You should do so before reassembling the grill again. There are some pieces of metal that have the form of tents. These basically cover grill burners and are known as flame tamers. You need to brush them off also.

You should make sure to check for any soft spots or holes in it. A better thing to do here is to gradually brush and give enough time for the sections. Let the flame tamers be free from any residue and later remove it to keep aside. You’ll be putting them back after the tube clean up on reassembly process.

Burner Tube Clean Up

Now it’s time to clean the tubes. Check if there is a clog in the burner tube. If you notice any clog which is obvious when not going through regular clean up, use some drill bit.

This stuff would help you to reopen the holes. Also, you can try using toothpick and paperclip. I’m sure you got these things in your house.

Once you are done dealing with the clogs you need to get rid of the tool. Simply shake out any dirt from the burner. Now the holes should be clean and clear.

Check if the gas flows through it properly. If not then the holes are not clear yet. This can happen because of extreme damaged done to the cracks, holes and soft spots.



You need to check the manuals instruction. There might be some specific rules you need to know that might help. Most would tell you to follow some important guidelines for maintenance.

If you figure out that there’s something you have missed and that’s the reason the holes are greatly damaged, then you need expert help.

If you don’t give importance then the holes will not be able to handle the pressure. Chances are it would break apart and ruin the whole burner. So better be alert before and call for help.

Also, these situations often need replacements. If that’s the case you discover then don’t panic. These things are super easy! You just need to know about proper measurements for a replacement part.

Just go with the info to a reputable authority of grills and they would get you one working part for a reasonable price.

A new set of burner tubes won’t cost you all your money. There are reasonably priced ones that come with fifty dollars price range. There are so many manufacturers ready to deal with your weber grills to troubleshoot the tubes.

You can try other company tubes also. However, to me, buying a Weber part is more preferable. Of course, because these come with ten years of warranty.

One more thing you can try before going for a replacement is to clear the orifice hole. This exists at the end of valves on a gas burner. There might be a clog in the jets with grease or spider web. If this is a reason then you are gas will be on flame once you clean it up.

If this doesn’t work, then the only way is to go for a replacement.

Completing the Clean Up

Once you are done with cleaning the tubes you need to ensure some finishing touch to get a good working gas burner. Before you start to reassemble the whole parts there’s a need to clean the cooking grates too.

The heat distribution system needs a good clean up also. Otherwise, there’s no point in investing so much time in cleaning the tubes.

Make sure the heat distribution system is free from any debris. Be sure to follow the same thing for grill’s lid also. Have a proper check both inside and outside. Use a putty knife to do a good scraping job. Simply wipe the lid and clean it up.

These minor clean up afterward are surely taking some time. It’s not my favorite task also! However to go great with the burner for a long run you need to take the hassle of a deep cleaning. It’s worth your efforts, I PROMISE!

Make sure you give a good amount of time to do these regular cleanings. This would add life to the grills life. Remember the tubes and burners are the heartbeats of a gas grill.

Before Reassembly

Once everything is complete with the finishing touch as well you’ll jump into the reassembly process. But wait for a couple of minutes. We are almost there. Just connect the gas line and see if the flame for your burner is working properly. Do this step before putting the heat plates and cooking grates.

Also, be sure to replace the residing parts and turn off the grill later. When you see too much yellowish flame or something that seems like zero flames then you need some adjustments.

Try to transfer the air adjustments. This is available at the base of the grill burner. There needs to be a flawless blend of oxygen and gas to make the flame working. Once it’s good there will be a nice blue flame warming the place!

How to know it’s Time to Clean the Tubes!

There’s a less time requiring tip that you can try to figure out, it’s time to clean up the tubes. After noticing these you cannot neglect clean up anymore.

Simply light the flame and eliminate the grates and bars. See if each burner has any visual failures. When there are huge holes in the tubes or noticeable nets or sags then it’ time to clean things up. This might be also a signal for replacements.

Always spare some time to gently clean the burners. This will save you the cost for replacements later.


That’s it, folks! I have included everything about the topic on how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes. Now you just need to follow the simple techniques. Please don’t be lazy and ignore the power of deep tube clean up.

This might save the entire gas grill. Weber grill costs a good amount of money. If you lose it because for some neglecting on maintainenace then the fault is yours. So please make sure to follow some good clean-up rituals once in a while. Good Luck!


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