Proven Methods: How to Clean Grill Grates!

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Last Update On : 26 January 2021

Effective Techniques on How to Clean Grill Grates at Home!

You need to have proper grills to make tasty foods for your family. Anybody who thinks this is gonna work without good clean-up rituals, is probably dreaming. You need to do something about problems like rust build-up and stains. There’s no other way then devoting a good amount of time to wash your grill grates.

You need to follow a good clean up habit at least once a year. These deep cleansing methods are going to be a savior for people who are far away from the cleanup mess. It does not have to be a chore for anyone. However, you need to be sure with the type of grill you are using and go through the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Here’s everything you need to know how to clean grill grates. Make sure you stick till the end. It’s time to glow up the grill, buddies!

Making a Habit of Simple Cleanup!

You have no idea how much a regular simple clean-up plan can go for the long run. Dirty grill grates will have the worst impact on your food. That’s going to ruin the overall functioning of the grill.

But if you promise to go with simple quick cleaning method then chances are you would be saving the functionality a lot. There’s so many occasion where the grease and food start to build up in the grates. To get rid of these you should follow this technique.

To begin first warm up the grill. Set the temperature to 250 degrees and let it stay that way for about fifteen minutes. Get a suitable brush to clean now.

You should use it to gradually clean the surface of the grates. Make sure the brush is harm free and non-damaging to the surface. This is a very less time requiring clean up ritual that should be followed after every use.

When you ignore this very basic clean up then there comes the need to go for deeper one. The later techniques to clean up grates are kind of same but here you use some extra steps to get rid of stains that are the result of your neglecting.

Of course, a thorough clean up would take more time and effort. So better you follow the simple clean up method after every cooking. This way your grates will forever stay new and there will be no need for a deep cleanup process that is time prolonging.


The Right Brushing Technique!

Here’s a short brushing method step by step process that is a killer to maintain grill grates.

  • Face your grill and put the head of your brush on top of it.

  • Begin from the left side of the top. Now gently move in the route of the brush wires and start scrubbing.

  • Constantly keep brushing this way until the whole grill is clean.

  • Now move the brush into a garbage bag to shake off any dirt on it.

Oven Method!

When I say oven, you might have already visualized an oven set on fire at your place. However, relax. It’s not what you are thinking! I’m going to use a self-cleaning oven. With the safe temperature, I’ll tell you how to get off the grease or food from the grates.

This is a proven method on how to clean grill grates and make it spot free. You need to put them on the oven and run through the cleaning method. But be safe! This method should not discolor your grates.

Find out about the surface and finish of your grates beforehand and know well if it’s safe and durable enough to withstand such cleaning. Some folks won’t mind whatever color these are. They only think about clean grill grates and to be honest, that’s sensible!

Drenching Method!

To start with this method you need to make sure that the grill is cool. Try to go with this method after a hour of your done with cooking. Also don’t keep it out on sun for hours and then start performing this technique. Or else you are sure to cause some accidents and you’ll get hurt. Make sure you are well prepared.

Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, get a huge bucket. You need a big one that will fit your grates well. Now fill it with hot water. Mix about one-quarter cup of liquid cleanser or any cleaner you got. The ones that you use for regular dish clean-up will work fine also.

  2. Now you need some baking soda. Mix around a quarter cup of baking soda in the bucket and stir well. There should be a good lathering in the bucket.

  3. Get your grates and put it inside the bucket. Leave them to soak there for around an hour.

  4. Now once the soaking is done you need a steel wool pad or scrubber. Rub gradually any remaining dirt. Make sure you apply force in the direction of the grain. This way you won’t harm the surface finish.

  5. Use clean water to wash your grates well. You can try the garden hose too for a simple rinse.

  6. If the size of your grates is small enough, try soaking them in your kitchen sink. This way it would be easier to clean and rinse the grates.

Alternative Way:

Another soaking method you can try is to use ammonia. Pour about one cup of ammonia on the grates. You need a plastic bag and put them inside to let it sit for around half a day.

This is a very strong way to clean grates and you should try this only when the stains are too stiff. Also, be sure to rinse very well after the process. Otherwise, you might end up getting ammonia flavor into your grilled foods.

Gentle Rust Cleansers

So many folks will carelessly keep their grill out in the rain and then they would look for a way to clean up rust from the grates. You can use several ways to deal with rust. It actually depends on the grate's material.

There are some gentle ways to get rid of rust from your grill grates. You can try the rough methods if the rust is too strong to break with these gentle techniques.

Salt & Vinegar

Using nontoxic ingredients on your grill grates is the finest way to ensure the food you cook are safe. Vinegar and salt are two safe elements. These can greatly help to deal with rust.

You need two cups of vinegar and one cup of salt mixed well in a bowl. Now place the rusty grates in a huge garbage bag. Let the mixture now sit on them. Tie it pretty well. This mixture should work as gentle abrasive cleanser.

Baking Soda

This is a very popular method to deal with rust. Especially when your grills are made of stainless steel material. It works for most people and is a safe way to try. You are going to need a soft brush and baking soda.

First of all brush your grill grates with this gentle brush. Try to get rid of rust as much as you can with the brush. You need to sprinkle some baking soda over the grates while putting it on the grill. Then let the grill get warmed for a few minutes.

The baking soda would start to make a bubble. This method would remove rust generously. After a few moments simple turn of the grill. Let it cool down completely. Now use the soft brush or another scrubbing pad and gently rub it well. This would help you eliminate any remaining debris.

Vegetable Oil

Just like iron skillets, the grill grates too sometimes need seasoning. Try to use them more. The frequent uses will ensure there is less sticking of meat. Also the meat fat would lubricate the grates. These fats usually don’t let grates to get rusted easily.

So what you can do here is simply use some vegetable oil for coating. Apply a generous amount to lubricate and season the grate. You should avoid using aerosol can vegetable oil. These can lead to an explosion scene cans are really dangerous near flames.

Packaged Rust Remover

There are so many options for packaged rust removers available in market. These are most of the time a perfect solution to get rid of rust. However, the only problem is these include toxic chemicals within. That might be harmful for the food.

So make sure you read the label well and go for the rust removers that are specifically meant to clean rusty grill grates. You should find them in the BBQ section on an online store.


These were some very effective methods on how to clean grill grates. Choose any of these techniques that go well with your preference and see the magic.

Hopefully you’ll get a clean u routine included in your regular life and maintain your grill grates pretty well following these simple methods. Good luck and happy grilling!


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