How to Clean Weber Grill Grates

How to Clean Weber Grill Grates
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Last Update On : 22 January 2021

The conclusion of the autumn months signs the start of winter time. With this, it also steers in the termination of outdoor cooking and BBQ grill. The following thing on your list is winter storage of your Weber grill. Leaving your unit outside can expose it to damaging elements which could harm it beyond healing. Like any other utilization or furniture, your grill is worthy of some care and storage. Below is a guide on how to clean Weber cast iron grill grates and preserve the lifecycle of your grill.

After doing the much outdoor cooking, your Weber grill would have made thick coats of sticky soot, grease, and food elements. These things could result in the erosion of the grills and burners. When it is time to do some grilling again, this will lead to disturbing the food taste. Cleaning your barbecue grill grate can be in a tough task which is why a lot of folks don't worry cleaning theirs at all. However, there is no cause for worry as eliminating all these components is relatively easy. So let’s know How to Clean Weber Grill Grates.

Dirt grill appeals to lots of germs and microbes. So make sure that you clear your grill and BBQ chimney just after using it. You do not honestly want your family to get ill due to the fact you were too idle to clean up your grill and BBQ chimney following that you are finished with cooking.

To help you go about the chore of cleaning your best smokers and BBQ chimney just after cooking, low the grill let the coal die out. Let your grill cool down just before you begin off washing. This really must give you sufficient time to eat your dinner with your entire family members in peace.

Take your time and feed your barbecue. The hard business of clean up your grill can pause until you are done eating. Quickly after eating, check the grill and confirm that it's cool tolerable for you to begin washing.

Weber Grill Grates

How to Clean Weber Porcelain Grill Grates?

My suggestion is to go for a stainless steel grill brush with prickles thin enough that they don't cause harm. The most typical question is how to Clean Weber Grill Grate that is of Porcelain? The brass bristled brushes for porcelain enamel coated grates is not a good idea.

Several stainless steel grill brushes are wholly safe to use. Since they will surely last longer competed to brass brushes, my advice is to go with one of these. That manner, you get a brush that will not only without harm clean your barbecue but will also survive a very long time.

To get even more effort out your brush, use it when the grate is warm. This will make it laid-back to clean. Also, it would enable you to use much less heaviness, which eventually means that your bristles will stay in the great state longer.


Using a Wire Brush

The other answer to how to clean Weber charcoal grill is using a wire brush. There are those that believe doing nothing more than carefully brushing the slack deposits on the grate with a brush. Both after cooking and again previous to cooking the next time.

Even though this isn't going to purify the surface like cleaning products will do, there is a slight risk of bacteria due to the heat of the fires. It will help if you also coat the grill shallow with oil. Also, you can cover it with cooking spray each time you're getting ready to use it since the coating will make food particles easier to remove.

Using a Cleaning Liquid

Cleaning stainless steel grill grates with vinegar may do wonders. You will require a spray bottle, 2 cups of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water. Mix the bottle to mix the fluids well. Thoroughly drench both sides of the grill grate with the mix. Now allow drying for about ten minutes.

Using the wire brush or a folded square of aluminum foil, you can brush the grates to take off any residual residue. You will not need to wash the grates next to this procedure. The creator of the highly-recommended Weber barbecue grills commends turning your grill onto its uppermost setting which will burn off any remainder. Keep heating until burning stops. This can be done either before or subsequent grilling.

Using Coffee

It seems implausible. However, coffee can do natural cleaning for your barbecue grill. Because coffee is indeed acidic, it works delightfully for cleaning grease. The procedure is simple as essential as any grill cleaning method can be. Just prepare your coffee in a vessel, put it into a sink and bathe your grill grates. Same goes for BBQ utensils or oven heaters.

Leave it there for almost sixty minutes. Rub it, then finally rinse with warm water. Your grate is now as sparkling as the brand name one. Instead of wasting your fresh pot of coffee, why not use it for cleaning your grates? However, if you don`t like coffee, then you can still clean a grill with other options.

Conventional Maintenance Tips after Cleaning

1. While the meat is at rest, turn your grill on its uppermost temperature. Now cover and let the warmth clean your grates. Eat your mealtime and end your clean up when it's suitable. Your grates cannot be over bare to heat.

2. Do not use oven cleaner or other elements on your grates. The chemicals can never be removed entirely from the grates. This is due to the tiny pits that occur on any grate shell. No matter what element it's made of. Leftover ingredients can be damaging and do nothing to help create that wonderful Smokey barbeque flavor you're seeking for.

3. To shield your grates and your entire barbeque, devote in an excellent quality vinyl cover. The cover must be made of heavy duty vinyl. Also, it must cover the hole of the grill. This will guard the outside of your grill, averting dirt and grime build up on outside shells. This would keep leaves and dirt from blowing into the interior. This is one financing that you merely should not scrimp on. And as soon as you have your cover, use it! Keep your grill enclosed at all times when not in use.

4. When all is over, it's time to reinstall your new Weber grill. To make sure that it is scorched, switch it on one last time for about forty minutes. Use a thin film of cooking oil in misting the metal segments of the grill as further security from the build-up of moisture during winter storing. Now you can save the grill with relief after you are finished with cleaning it.

If the Grates are previously clean

Brush the grates casually with high temperature cooking oil and put on a COLD grill. This will keep the bulk of stuff from sticking on the stove and make clean-up much stress-free in the end. Many people moreover shell their grates with aluminum foil.

While this makes clean-up a non-event, lots of people say they do not get the similar Smokey flavor with foil. To increase performance, liberally poke holes in the foil between the separate slats of the grate. This will let the meat drippings to drain and the Smokey taste to move above the grates. When finished and the grill has chilled slightly, eliminate the foil.

Turn your grill to the uppermost temperature available. Now close the lid and allow the grates to self-wash for a quarter to one hour. This depends on the amount of accrued sauce and meat. Turn your grill off and let your grates cool up until they are normal to the touch. Wipe the slate on both sides with an onion that is half. This will wipe off any flecks enduring and add taste to your following grilling session.

However, if you have Cast Iron Grates, stock them inside pillowcases in the home until the next use. This will avert any rusting of your grates. Stainless Steel Grates can endure outside without the terror of rust.


Cover it with a tarp or a well- suitable covering and tuck it in securely inside your garage. One concluding check is to remove the propane bottles and keep them in a spot with little ventilation. This will let the moisture of the winter months away. Packing these gas bottles in an enclosed place might show the risk of fire or blast in case of a gas leak. Now you know how to clean weber grill grates.

Cleaning the grates on your BBQ doesn't have to be a long, tiresome job, and you don't need any harmful chemical products to get the job finished. The key is in cleaning the grill using the method above after each use. After all, if you don't want a lot of build-ups to pile up, you'll be able to keep your grates looking dirt-free and sanitary.

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