How to Smoke on a Gas Grill : You must need to know

How to Smoke on a Gas Grill : You must need to know
Written by antwon smith

Last Update On: 27 January 2021

For the first time whenever my friends and I tried to smoke on a gas grill that was not an easy task because we had no idea about how to smoke on a gas grill at that time. But whenever my elder sister teaches me about the tips and tricks about the whole process, then it seems too much easy for me. Now I will share with you about the procedures of smoking on a gas grill. Keep reading.

Of course! However, the first time, you may think it will be so much problematic. But trust me, if you learn the basic strategy then you can make a perfect grill form it. So, if you need to know about the procedures about how to smoke on a gas grill, then you're at the right place.

I like to smoke slice of ribs, Boston butt and chickens. I know this is also your desire to grill it at your home. You can even burn some other cuisines. At the first time, you need a smoker. You will be amazed; there are lots of smoker on the market. You can choose one from them. But I recommend you to select the best brand due to avoid any kinds of accidents.

Mot genuinely, all the gas grills are not designed and suitable for smoke meat. So, you need to customize it to use it properly. Here, all the gas grills have gaps, which are around the lid. The flame and the smoke make heats continuously, which are brings the taste and adore of the steaks. Eventually, this is the perfect way to smoke on the gas grill.

Meanwhile, if you have a gas grill at your home, then you can easily make it at your home yard-not to reach the out outside to taste it. Better you made delicious barbecues in your home and surprised your friends and family members. The complete guidelines are describing below. Try to follow it step by step.

Instruction – Step by Step

The whole setup process is not so much complicated, but make sure, you have the setup guide. Whenever you buy a gas grill from the market, please collect that time a user manual. Don’t worry, most of the time you will find out the user manual into the packed box. After unlocking it, just setup it steps by step. I am so much easy task, any age arranges, and any kinds of people can do it quickly.

Please keep everything ready before the setup-thus you can keep your concentrate on this without making any error. At the same time, I will recommend you to ready your rubs and sauces before making it. Besides, please make sure that you’re using pellets and woods are handy. If it, then it will be great. Finally, reserve enough propane for the burn. Most of the people make a mistake here. So, please have a look there carefully. Now I will discuss the whole step part by part to assume you how to smoke on a gas grill.

Step 1: Keep your burner at the medium range heat

The intense fire is not convenient here; it may cause a rush on the rib. So, your task is to make a medium level burner, which is working correctly to steak the meat properly. Most of the gas grills include a digital thermometer. So, you can easily set up the temp as your own. It is not a complicated task. If you have a digital-based thermometer, please insert it then close the gas lid. Another matter here, you need to monitor the overall temp based on your cooking range. I recommend you to keep the scale for Boston butt grill around 220°F – 250°F.

Here, you need to give sometime your grill to preheat, and you will get your desire range heat. Please remember one thing here, if you notice that- the temp is gone overshoot, then please dial it down. Otherwise, you may not get the delicious flavor from the bbq. Here, if you measure the temp is around 180°F after 20 minutes, then you need to dial up its temp again.

Another important issue here, if you are not able to reach your desired temp please turning on the additional burners at the same time. Most of the gas gill has both types of options. Please buy a gas grill which has this type of all features.

Now you may think that it is must tricky. But I will assure you that, if you do it correctly once in your life- you never need to worry about this in the second time. So please be calm and do it with yourself without other people help. Best of luck!

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Step 2: Add chips of hardwood

Add the woods is another tricky part because it can bring a perfect odor for your BBQ. But at the first time to doing this, you need to care about this issue-please wear a pair of tongs or high heat residence ability gloves, which are also helpful to open the grill grates. Then, you can quickly put the woods.

I will suggest you use chunk, which comes from hardwood. Also use a tinfoil pouch, chips, woods decorated tray, pellets over your gas burner. These tasks are so much easy. If you see the user manuals, then you will find some labeling figures which describes how to do it correctly.

One important factor- using the tube (A-Maze-N Pellet), then pack it with the pellets, after that use a blowtorch or the lighter to make fire on the end. Now place it at the grill grate. But remember whenever you see that, wisps of the smoke coming from it, they must put away from your food from the heat as it may burn. Do the whole process step by step as it couldn’t make any kinds of accidents.

Step 3: Get smoking step by step!

Here is an impressive technique for getting a perfect BBQ from it. For doing this, you need to place your meat steak on the opposite part of the gas grill. Be aware that, it is a way for the lit burner. After that, never forget to close the lid. Now you can go for a long time, but sometimes stay focus with it and monitor the temp. Besides adjusting the dial based on the desired temp accordingly.

So what you think now? It is quite challenging!-please don’t worry, in this post about, how to smoke on a gas grill- trust me, I am giving you the right info. If you are applying this to your grilling time, all of your friends and family members will be your food lover as well. Please try it yourself now.

For making your BBQ more delicious, you can also add some quail to the burner as it will give you the perfect smell like the restaurant. Most of the people make their grill over smoked. For this reason, they never try to make it at their home again. But trust me if you go with my steps then you will get an excellent, delicious BBQ. You can also open a restaurant, or you can become a BBQ restaurant owner by teaching other staffs his procedures.

Step 4: Never Over Smoke

Please avoid too much wood for burning as it may change the odor of the BBQ. Better use a half cup of wood chips for perfect BBQ. You also use a metal spoke to ensure your grill. But I think it is not so much necessary. You can understand by seeing its color and the smell. Never be worried. So, please if I am your first time, never use much wood for the grill as it can over smoked- you know, over smoked meat is just horrible! Nothing would be worse than it. So be careful.

At the cooking time, you can decide how much smoky flavor you like on your food. If you want deep smoke flavor, then I will suggest you use little more woods. And if you love the much smoke flavor, then please add more wood. But at the 1st time recommend using less wood. Hope you will get a perfect grill by following my suggestions.


So, do the whole process slowly. Never try to do so hurry as it can ruin all the BBQ. Give proper time to bake it. Whenever it has done, you will get a fantastic smell.


In this content, will let you give about the idea about how to smoke on a gas grill. Hope you all enjoy it. If you have any innovative idea better than me, please comment below here. At the same time, if you are the seasonal barbecue aficionado, then it will be helpful to you. All the best for your 1st time BBQ, hope you will follow my tips and tricks to get the ultimate taste of BBQ. If you find this article is helpful to you, please share this with your family and friends. Thanks.

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