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The Top 10 Vertical Smoker Reviews of 2021

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Last Update On : 25 January 2021

With the upcoming summer in hand, the demand for smokers will only rise.The beach season is never complete without barbecues, and that seriously calls for a good smoker. This summer with a top-notch smoker you can be the center of attention among your friends. I mean come on, who doesn’t love good food!

And while looking for a good smoker, you can’t overlook the elegance of a vertical smoker. They are both easy on the eye and delivers excellently smoked food. Even if you are not a pro in the world of barbecue smokers, vertical smokers will win your heart with simple settings and non-complex functions. Only after a few cooks, you’ll see that you’ve already completed the beginners level and have gone halfway through the mastery of the art of smoking.So, if you’ve made your mind to buy one this season, we suggest you do a bit of research about it first. Since you are going to spend quite a lot of your money in it, you better collect information about what you want in your smoker and what feature you’re going to need most also who offers it best at a reasonable price.

Be it ribs, chicken, turkey or pork; while smoking these smokers are sure to bring the professional chef outta you!So brace yourself, because we are about to present some of the leading products available in the market. Let us hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for or at the very least get an idea of what you want.

What is a Vertical Smoker?

Vertical smoker also goes by many names such as bullet smoker, water smoker or cabinet smoker. It can be divided into three parts; the bottom part consists of the heat source; it can be charcoal, gas or electricity depending on the type of the smoker. Then there is the pan that contains water, serving as the moisturizer for the meat. And finally the top part of the smoker, that is made of the place where you are supposed to cook the food. The design can vary based on the model of the smoker, but these basics stay more or less the same.

They usually are made quite spacious compared to the horizontal smokers, with multiple shelves to cook.They can hold a lot of meat to cook in one session. The firebox is normally posited like an offset smoker but also can be located below the cooking racks.Not to mention they are portable, to ensure easy movement small metallic wheels are attached below the smoker. Smooth maneuvering is definitely plus point of any backyard smoker. Also, the material the smoker is made of is also essential, better if it’s constructed with heavy-duty steel to ensure maximum heat retention.

Operating and maintaining a vertical smoker is also easy. For the most part,you can clean in it with a dishwasher and a stream of water. For oil stain, soda or vinegar solution will do the work. However, controlling temperature is not a strong point of vertical smokers, they mainly have a hard time keeping low temperature steadily.

Types of Vertical Smokers:

You can identify smokers based on many factors like size, power source, design, etc. But classifying vertical smokers based on the source of power will make the subject easy to understand.

Charcoal: The charcoal smokers resemble steel drums, has a pan beneath it to hold charcoals. They infuse authentic smoky flavor in the food and the wood chips add more flavors to the food.

Gas: Commonly uses LP gas such as propane; So they are also known as propane smoker. With easy maneuvering, they also offer built-in temperature gauge and push-button ignition. Their smoky flavor is even more authentic comparing to the electric smoker.

Electricity: it is the simplest to use out of these three types of smokers. Instead of any real firepower, it uses heating element powered by electricity. The electric smoker is all about convenience. “Set it and forget it” policy can be applied to this type of smokers. You can digitally monitor everything. Also for those living in an apartment with no scope for patio or backyard. But since it needs electric supply to operate, you can’t move it further from the electrical board. So, portability is limited.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best Vertical Smoker:

As you read more of this article, you’ll come to understand how important it is to get your priorities sorted out. You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on something you won’t even use! So let me briefly explain what features most vertical smokers offer and their use to you.

Construction: It is crucial that you pay attention to what the smoker is made of, quality materials ensure longevity. No matter how good the smoker is, it will be useless if it’s not long lasting.

Temperature Range: Reaching the temperature you need smoothly and keeping it steady should be your number one priority. Typically, 100 degrees to 350 degrees should be enough for low and slow cooking.

Simplicity: User friendliness is a plus point that you can count on. Managing its operation should be easy, such as starting a fire in the smoker, cleaning, maintaining the smoke, etc.

Size: It depends on how much are you planning to cook in one session on a regular basis. Vertical smokers are already spacious enough, so if you have a big family, grab a bigger one! Also, keep the place you have to spare for the smoker in mind.

Features: A lot of smokers offer extra features to enrich the experience of the customers. If you find any attractive or any use of yoube sure to check that out.

Warranty: It covers any defects of smoker happened because of delivery or poor craft.

Reviews: Reviews help you learn about the product from customers’ first-hand experience. So you could know about the pros and cons of it and take a decision wisely.

Care and Maintenance for Vertical Smokers:

Taking care of your smoker means it will last longer and you will be able to get the most service out of it. Because even if you buy an expensive unit, if you don’t maintain it properly, it won’t give you trouble-free user experience. The procedure varies from smoker to smoker, but the basics are more or less the same. Let’s have a look.

Seasoning: Seasoning the new smoker is important, it creates a protective layer on the surface of the smoker and covers any imperfections the metal surface might have. First coat the interior of the smoker with oil and heat it up to 200 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, it will also keep the smoker from rusting.The type of oil to use isn’t much of a factor, so use any kind you prefer, the temperature is the vital thing. Also since temperature higher than that can affect the paint of your smoker, be careful of that.

Smoking: If your smoker doesn’t need seasoning, then smoking is recommended. Smoking repels water, protects the surface from creosote and improves the ventilation system of the smoker. Creosote is a really harmful substance, and trust me you don’t want it anywhere near your smoker.

Cleaning: To maintain the protective coating on the smoker, it is important to clean the smoker after every use. Food residue builds up after every use which is harmful to the smoker. But don’t scrub too hard, or use a stiff brush. Also re-season it periodically, to keep the oily coating intact.

Also, clean the ashes out thoroughly, for if they sit too long on the smoker, they absorb all the oil and water, thus, rusts the smoker. Also, clean the grease regularly; they can be potentially harmful to your body coming in contact with food. Just after a few cooks quite a few pounds of grease stacks on the smoker, it traps the water on the smoker and also rusts the metal, so gently scrape it away if you see them piling on. Look out for any substance blocking the way of ventilation; poor ventilation diminishes food quality.

If you have a windowed unit or glass door, it may get fogged by the smoker after cooking, so clean it with soda or vinegar solution, it will take the oil away. The cooking grates and drip pan needs to be cleaned regularly too.

Looking out for rust: Keep a keen eye for rust forming, if you find any, it is suggested that you clean it immediately. Use wire brush or sandpapers to scrub it away. If you want a long lasting solution, you should repaint the smoker with quality heat resistant paint, because cheap paint sheds on even temperature as low as 300 degrees. You would want to scrub away the old paint first, that way it will be more effective against rust and heat.

Placing the smoker: Position your smoker in a safe place. Find a place in your backyard that is safe from strong wind and is not a threat to your health or fire accidents. Also keep it out of reach from children, since fire is not a plaything.Every year numerous accidents happen because of lack of carefulness while barbecuing. If yours is an electric smoker placed in the house, then remember to disconnect the plug and secure it away from electric supply. If it’s stored in the backyard, cover it with a water repellant cover, that will save the smoker from rain, dust, air debris, etc. keep a fire extinguisher nearby, just to be safe.

Know your smoker: Knowing your smoker gives you an upper hand while you are smoking. So you can understand if something is wrong or out of place. Also, you’ll know the use of every feature and use them to your advantage. Take care of it according to its types and needs; not all smokers require the same kind of maintenance.

Your input to the smoker is financial and also abstract such as time and effort.While harvesting both real and abstract output like good food, service, knowledge, and experience. So take good care of your smoker and practice diligently, because there is no shortcut to success.


Tips and Tricks for Smoking Meat:

To smoke like a chef, there are a few techniques that experts follow. Also, you need to pay attention to several more vital things. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Sort out the right kind of meat to smoke.Of course, fresh meat is the best meat, and give priority to meats like beef, beef brisket, pork shoulder, pork ribs, etc. Cut them in big pieces, so they smoke juicy.
  • Wood chips are another important factor for you, to be careful about.They play a huge role in adding flavors, so know the right taste. Different flavor suits different types of meats. Such as the strong flavor of hickory wood chip rocks with pork ribs, the sweet flavor of maples suits best with chicken, turkey, etc. And dark meats ask for mesquite wood chips for exquisite taste.
  • Low and slow cooking is the best for smoking, but you’ll have to be quite patient with your cooking. This is one of the reasons cooking is considered as art, all good things take time, and with low and slow cooking you can avoid the meat turning up burnt or undercooked.
  • Water keeps the meat moist and juicy by adding humidity, so the meat doesn’t go dry. Use it to maintain and regulate the heat.
  • To monitor the meat, keep watch on the built-in thermometer. Avoid opening the door in every now and then, for it makes way for the smoke and heat to escape and delays the cooking. You can also buy a windowed unit, and watch the meat without having to open the door.
  • Pay attention to the color of smoke. If it is white, then you’re doing all good, but if it is black, you’ll need to check the ventilation system. Poorly ventilated smokers infuse an odd taste and smell to the meat, you wouldn’t want that.
  • Before putting the meat on the smoker, rub the marinade on it the night before, it optimizes the taste a lot. You can browse the internet to know more tips on it.
  • Preserve the food with being thoroughly careful. Store them in different packets to avoid cross-contamination and store them accordingly.
  • If you are using a water smoker, then put some herbs in the water for extra added flavor. Browse the internet for recipes, and surprise your guests with every cook.

Top 10 Best Vertical Smoker Reviews:

When you want to cook a large amount of time at one go vertical smoker is the best choice. Since you want to make the best out of your money, we will suggest you do a bit of research before finalizing one while keeping your needs and budget in mind. So, we offer this guide which hopefully will come in your aid. We’ve gathered some of the products you might want to check before you make your mind to buy any vertical smoker. Let’s get on with it!

List of best vertical smokers doesn’t complete without a Weber in it. They are known for meeting the expectations of customers from the start. Weber is rocking on backyard barbecue from along time byfilling the air with the aroma of smoky meat which makesyour weekend with friends and family more fun and jolly. This 14-inch smoker is perfect for a cozy barbecue party with family and closed ones.And its easy operating function makes it an idealsmoker for beginners. You can cook low and slow easily with this smoker and also keep the temperature in check with the thermometer provided on the lid.When it comes to having authentic smokehouse flavored meatat home Weber is hard to beat.


  • Monitor internal temperature easily with the built-in thermometer on the lid.
  • Uses charcoal as the heat source.
  • It is equipped with a high-temperature silicone grommet which ensures easy access into the smoker with a temperature probe.
  • The water pan is enameled with porcelain,so the meat is sure to stay moist and tender.
  • The fuel door is made of aluminum and is rust resistant.
  • Control proper air flow with the air dampers while smoking.
  • The charcoal chamber is porcelain enameled, so the fuel stays concentrated on one area making temperature control more manageable.


  • Easy to assemble and use this makes it great for beginners.
  • Portable; take your barbecueparty anywhere.
  • Improved design to make adding fuel easier.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Poor quality control.
  • Pretty small; so if you tend to cook for a lot of people, we’d suggest a bigger model.
  • Some complained that the reading oftemperature gauge is not that accurate.

Weber is an excellent choice if you are a beginner in the barbecue section, with this smoker anyone can cook like a pro from the start because it requires no complicated functions. So if you’re searching for a smoker that is easy to operate, portable and has excellent performance, this is your smoker.

Weber is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of charcoal smoking and grilling. And this precise model is known not only for its vast cooking space but also for the huge range of features it offers. Just like the previous Weber smoker we mentioned this one is also sure to give you the authentic smokehouse flavor every time you cook. And also because it offers ample storage, so you can cook a lot of food at one session. Invite the whole neighborhood and enjoy a great party, Weber will always be there to back you up with first grade cooked meat!


  • This smoker uses charcoal as the heat source.
  • WSM 22’s body measures about24 by 23 by 48.5 inches.
  • Its body is durable because of the porcelain-enameled steel it is made of.
  • Its handle is made of heat-resistant nylon and equipped with a silicone temperature grommet, making it safer by reducing most kinds of probable accident.
  • Comes with 2 wide cooking gratesplated with nickeland with each covering 22.5 inches, in total 726 sq. Inches.
  • Porcelain-enameled water pan to keep the meat moisturized and a built-in thermometer to check on the internal temperature.
  • The heat shield is made of rust-resistant aluminum.
  • Comes with separate vents on bowls and lids.
  • Exclusive 10 years limited warranty.


  • With 2 durable cooking grates, you can grill and smoke at the same time.
  • Added air dampers for better heat control.
  • No complex settings.
  • Quite spacious, so you can cook a large amount of meat at one session.


  • The quality control is not impressive.
  • No instruction book included.

If you have a big family or if you throw big barbecue parties quite often, then believe me this is your smoker. Weber’s smoking quality is irrefutable, just buy it and set it up. Then the amazing world of barbecue will open up to you; ribs, pork butt, sausage, patties – grill or smoke do whatever you want like a pro with this WSM 22 inch.

3. 18- ½ in. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package:

This barrel model was declared the “best bargain on a smoker in the world” by for its excellent performance, and it was also awarded the top Best Value Gold Medal Award. All its glory is well earned;after just one cook you’re bound to fall in love with it.The smoker is built with durable materials and to make your life easier it includes the multi-level cooking surface. Since they come vertically in shape, it’ll be a lot cheaper than the other models with almost the same service. Don’t judge smokers by how it looks, it’s not much to look at, but its cooking quality will blow your mind. You can smoke by hanging or on grates however you like and serve it like a chef does!


  • Comes with the stainless steel hooks so you can hook n hang your food inside the barrel or even grill or smear with the standard cooking grate that is provided with the set.
  • A coal basket which is designed ideally for the right amount of coal to make a perfectly cooked dish.
  • Its unique design allows it to produce impressive results constantly; very simple to operate.
  • The package contains 2 hanging rods, 8 stainless steel hooks with a standard grill grate, charcoal basket and a hook remover tool; excluding the seasoning.
  • Requires minimal assembly and less hassle compared to other smokers.


  • Minon Method ensures perfectly smoked meat.
  • Easy to use and maintain, making it perfect for beginners.
  • Affordable; very convenient to clean.
  • The hook n hang method of this smoker is great tocreate an amazing smoky vibe to the meat.


  • Not quite ideal for high and fast cooking.

If you want a decent smoker atan affordable price, you can surely consider this one. With comparably fewer features available, this really does produce a magnificent result in every cook.

4. Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer

The model you’re looking at right now is one of the most advanced smokers available in the market. Its multi-function technology will amaze you beyond expectation.With it, you can cook anything one by one and however you want, smoke it, grill it, and roast it – all up to you. And it does everything with such perfection, that you’ll be spellbound. Cooking has never been this fun! It’s quite huge so the amount you want to cook will never be an issue. The TRU Infrared technologyensures the access of heat evenly resulting in a juicy professionally cooked meat. It is also effortless to use and maintain, not to mention lightweight compared to the loads of feature it offers. So take it away with you to your little barbecue parties.


  • This Big Easy smoker provides all in one function; so smoke, grill or roast do whatever your mood suits.
  • No flare-ups, thanks to the TRU Infrared technology; you can enjoy juicy, tender meat after every cook.
  • Make use of the roasting basket by evenly roasting ribs, turkey, meats, etc.
  • Massive storage; 180sq inches grilling area and holds up to 25lbs for roasting.
  • A smoker box is included to add more flavors to the food.
  • Comes with a customized PVC cover made exclusively for The Big Easy. Heavy duty grey cover that can protect the smoker against water, snow along with other assorted debris.Keeping it dry and protected from scratches while it is very easy to clean too.


  • With infrared technology, heat is distributed evenly. Resulting in a perfectly cooked meat.
  • Doesn’t require oil and one of the best oil-less fryers available in the market.
  • Large cooking space.
  • Provides multi-functional cooking – smoke, grill or even roast.
  • Durable; made of quality material, both the smoker and the cover.


  • Doesn’t come assembled; you’ll have to do the DIY work yourself.
  • Quality control issue. Some complained few damaged parts came in the package.

Advanced technology with huge space and feature varieties ensure a sophisticated smoker at a reasonable price. This one should certainly be in your top smoker list.

With this exclusive product, you can take the performance of your cooking to the next level and make your neighbors jealous! Because this product is just as amazing as that! Not only massive cooking space, but it also offers adjustable cooking grates. Since low and slow cooking is ideal to infuse smoky flavor in food, this cooker does an excellent job with its indirect heating technology.The smoker uses charcoal as the heat source which also ensures the authentic smoky flavor. You won’t have one complaint about its construction either, built with quality materials and a solidfinish just adds up to its attractions. Its brilliant dual door designmakes surethat the loss of heat is kept to a minimum.


  • A heavy gauge wood chip box enameled with porcelain.
  • Heavy duty Cast Iron Burner with 15000 BTU.
  • To ensure quick and safe ignition this product comes with the electric pulse ignition system.
  • Offers a smoking area of about 784 square inches and you can cook minimum 100lbs at one cooking session, which definitely considers as a lot.
  • The dual door system is one of the highlights of this product; you can easily add wood chips through the cooking session without having to lose heat in the process.
  • The body is constructed with heavy-duty steel with a finishing of High Temp Powder coat that ensures longevity and durability.


  • Grease management is easier.
  • Offset firebox keeps losing heat to the least.
  • Easy to assemble and maneuver.
  • The temperature gauge is easy to read.


  • The cooking session is somewhat lengthier.
  • Extra modification required before starting to use.
  • Awful customer service.

This smoker is a whole package of quality materials, comfortable designs in adding charcoal, cleaning ashes, stroking fire, etc. With the addition of large space and food quality, which really makes it an ideal smoker for low and slow cooking.

A weekend family dinner isn’t complete with a good barbecue. And a good barbecue requires a smoker good enough to satisfy you and your loved ones with not quality food. But when you live in an apartment, it’s not easy to hit up a barbecue party, since you don’t get a backyard lawn there. Masterbuilt electric smokers came forth with a solution to that problem. With these electric smokers, you can now enjoy smoky meat on your apartment, made by you yourself! So surprise the guests, with its unique design and best grade food. Smoking in Masterbuilt is so effortless that you don’t need any prior experience. Just follow the instructions, set it up, start smoking whatever you want and spice up your weekend evenings.


  • The cooking space measures approximately 730 inches; available with 4 chrome-coated racks.
  • The heating element counts up to 800 watts the insulated body contains the heat.
  • Equipped with digital temperature and timer controls.
  • Allows thermostat temperature control from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheitfor cooking.
  • Comes with removable drip pan, air damper positioned on top and a side loading wood chip which is conveniently placed.
  • Digital electric smoker sized 30 inches.


  • Add wood chip without opening the door; resulting in less loss of heat.
  • Damaged parts can be replaced easily.
  • The drip pan is easy to clean; no more troubling with propane and charcoal.
  • Vast cooking space makes it ideal for cooking for more people.


  • Doesn’t last long if not taken care of.

Since it’s really easy to operate and the maintenance and settings are considerably simple, this has always been on top of the list for most of the beginner of the smoking community.

7.Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker and Premium Smoker Cover:

Its feature is identical to the previous Dyna-Glo smoker mentioned above. Just including the premium smoker cover. That is made withdurable PVC and finishing of 600 Denier polyester lining. That is designed to protect the smoker from water,rain, dust and other harmful components. Use the cover to ensure a long life for the smoker since the longevity of products are relative to how you take care of them. With the huge cooking space it offers, you can cook about 150 lbs at one cooking session. With 6 adjustable cooking grates, each holding up to almost 25 pounds, the storing will never restrict you from cooking any amount you want. The built-in thermos meter is also very easy to read and accurate. Which makes it for large parties, and perfect for low and slow cooking.


  • Equipped with heavy gauge porcelain enameled steel wood chip box which infuses maximum smoke flavor in the food.
  • Offers 1176 square inches cooking spaces covering a lot of space, so the amount of meat you want to grill or smoke will never be a problem.
  • The heavy carrying handle ensures easy movement.
  • Comes with a temperature gauge that lets you monitor the smoker’s temperature.
  • With the dual door design that the smoker offers ensures the minimum lossof heat.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel with High Temp powder coat finish ensuring durability and longevity.
  • The black premium cover fits smokers dimensioned up to 34.84” W x 20.04” D x 47.05” H; the cover is made water resistant; heavy duty PVC with polyester lining making it long lasting. Comes with 3 years guarantee.


  • Cleaning the smoker is easier.
  • The offset firebox being the highlight of the product, it keeps the heat loss low.
  • Pretty easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Unique design; comes with a premium cover made for this model.


  • Extended cooking sessions.
  • Delivery quality issues.

8. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch:

This smoker offers a massive cooking space, if you need to cook large amounts frequently in a month, maybe you will like this one, since it offers not only huge cooking space but also a convenient design to clean ashes, adding charcoal, etc. You may get all the features you wanted, in this one single smoker.

If you’ve used a charcoal smoker before, you already know before me telling you how much of a hassle that is. Even though they infuse a whole different level of authentic smokiness in the meat, the newbies in the smoking world find it extremely hard to manage a good barbecue. The invention of electric smokers hassmoothened the path of beginners, Char-Broil’s Deluxe Digital Electric smoker has versatile features that are made while thinking of all kinds of customers. With large enough cooking space, you also get four cooking gratesmade with quality products that are also easy to clean. The built-in meat probe allows you the monitor the temp of the meat, so that means no cooking based on guesswork. Its double wall feature locks the heat and keeps the food warm in the smoker. The full-size glass door also helps you monitor the food without having to open the door, saving the heat in the process.


  • Insulated body with double wall construction.
  • The external measurement is as follows, 18.1” W x 16.5” D x 32.5” H.
  • The digital control panel of this smoker is advanced and has an easy to read LED display – so reading the panel outside becomes more comfortable.
  • The door is made of stainless steel, and a glass window has a dual tone finish.
  • The locking latch is made of stainless steel for a smoke-tight seal.
  • Offers 725 square inches cooking space with 4 adjustable cooking grates.
  • A large smoke box with built-in temperature gauge.
  • The digital control panel is easy to understand and operate.


  • Full-size glass window make monitoring the food easy.
  • Offers warming feature to keep the food warm inside the smoker.
  • Comes with a remote controller for easy access to the smoker.
  • Rolling wheels and handles makes it easier to maneuver.


  • The remote controller does not cover much distance.
  • Unimpressive customer service.

You know if you want a smoker that will offer a lot of features at a decent price, this one is surely worth a check. Its easy operating system and excellent smoking quality have won a lot of hearts.

9.  Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP-D 36 Wide Body LP Gas Smoker:

This is the largest smoker on the list measuring 1235 square inches cooking space. It has a pretty design made while thinking of your comfort in mind. The dual door system keeps the heat loss to a minimum while checking on fire. The cast on the burner is sturdy and well-built with 20,000 BTU. The smoking racks can contain 25 pounds each, meaning you can smoke; however big pieces of meat and this smoker will handle it all. The outcome will be perfectly smoked food savory taste; you can never get enough of it. When the weather is hot, the heat rises naturally, and the top damper makes sure that the heat is distributed thoroughly. The added wood chip box is made of porcelain enameled box and, which is made to withstand any heat, and add exclusive taste to the food, also works to retain temperature for low and slow cooking.


  • Offers a massive cooking space of 1235 square inches with 4 cooking grates that can be adjusted with the size and type of meat. Each grate can hold about 25 pounds, so time to get creative with cooking.
  • Features 20,000 BTU with Heavy Duty Dual Cast Iron Burners; making it really powerful.
  • Comes with pre-installed sausage hooks and rib racks, so smoking sausage or ribs are bound to become more comfortable and easier.
  • The source of power is gas; no need to hassle anymore with charcoal.
  • It is equipped with Electro Pulse Ignition System that ensures a quick and reliable starting.
  • The top damper is designed to maintain the heat distribution and to improve the airflow of the smoker.
  • The built-in thermometer is accurate and easy to read.


  • Has a Smoke Zone to determine the right temperature for the heat.
  • User-friendly.
  • It is constructed with heavy-duty steel.
  • Versatile smoking features.


  • Bad delivery service.
  • Assembling the smoker is quite handful job because no instruction comes with the package.
  • The design of the wood chip tray does more harm than help. Blocks a large amount of heat.

Another addition to your list if your first choice is a big smoker with a lot of cooking space. Compared to the other Dyna-Glo products on this list, I wouldn’t strongly recommend this one, but if you want a gas smoker, this model can surely help you out.

Another propane smoker to add to your list. Cuisinart isn’t actually known for outdoor smokers, but they are a reliable brand and not to mention their products live up to it. What we’re talking about here is a propane smoker with fairly large capacity and with great construction. This smoker is built to last; its structure is the best you can find in this price. The four cooking racks are removable;you can fit a lot of meat to smoke in one cooking session. The assembling is a pretty easy job too; you can manage it all by yourself. Even if you’re a beginner this smoker will do you justice, there are no complex settings except managing the bottom vent of course, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few cooks. Start cooking by first turning the knob of the propane tank followed by turning the control knob, since the supply of gas is adjustable have it all your way.


  • Comes with four stainless steel 14” x 14” cooking shelves.
  • The wood tray and drip pan combo is made of porcelain enameled steel to ensure that the meat stays moisturized.
  • The rear vent provides an additional tabletop space on top of the smoker.
  • The interior provides 4.45 square feet or 785 square inches, which is relatively a lot of space to cook for a big family.
  • Uses gas as the heat source.
  • Twist lock system for the dual doors of the smoker.
  • A 40” propane hose is included with a gas regulator.
  • Comes with tips and recipe book; smoke like a chef!


  • Adjustable gas supply and the use of rear vent gives you control over the heat and smoke.
  • Decent price for the feature it offers.
  • Long-lasting; built with quality material.
  • No flare-ups.
  • User manual included.


  • The door doesn’t seal as it should.
  • The gap between dual door leaves space for smoke to escape.
  • The combo of the drip pan and wood chip box is more or less a waste of design; the water doesn’t let wood to smoke properly.

If you want a large gas smoker but are a bit short on budget, then this smoker should do the job. However, you should take note that it offers quite limited temperature variety. But with some of its features and affordable price, it made its way to the list.


Q.1: Do the difference of size in smoker affect the amount of charcoal needed?

A.1: Yes, they do. A small sized smoker will certainly use less charcoal than a large one.

Q.2: Will my charcoal smoker damage the wood floor?

A.2: No, we guess not, since there is a safe air gap between the charcoal grate and the bottom the smoker. But you can use some fireproof mat under the smoker just to safe.

Q.3: In a crowded neighborhood, will the smoke disturb my neighbors?

A.3: Of course not, it may cause them a craving for meat nevertheless. *wink*

Q.4: What is the advantage of having a window in a smoker?

A.4: You can monitor the meat from outside without having to open the door, and that’s just about it. It must be cleaned after every cook though.

Q.5: Can I operate the gas smoker on natural gas?

A.5: Without consulting with the manufacturer, we won’t recommend it. Since they are designed to run on LP gas.

Q.6: Does the propane tank come with the package or do I need to buy it separately?

A.6: No, the tank doesn’t come with the smoker. You’ll need to buy one separately.


We’ve almost come to the end of this article now, if you are still with me then you must have understood that choosing a vertical smoker can be hard given the challenges it serves. The smokers we have listed you can certainly keep them in your mind. While selecting, pay attention to the price but more importantly to the longevity, features, comfortability, and performance described by users. You can list down what you look for in a smoker and the hunt down the one that matches most of your criteria. We really hope that our list was able to help you narrow down your list.So select your ideal smoker and hop into the delicious world of barbecuing. Happy smoking fellas!

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