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Top 10 Best Smoker Grill Combo of 2021

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 Last updated on: 27 January 2021

Get ready for the next season with your all-new smoker grill combo cooker! Hold parties like dreams with foods that taste like bliss. Be the center of attention among you circle – soon you’ll see parties won’t feel the same without you and your cooker. And on your way to be the next master chef, you’ll find your real ally to be the combo cooker that you’re searching now.

While looking for one you may be torn between whether to go for a smoker or a grill? if you’re a fan of both who said you’ll have to choose!? Thanks to the present technology one unit can serve many purposes nowadays. The market has a whole lot of options in the different price range. So why this review? For the same reason. Because the market has a lot to choose from and if you don’t sort down your priorities it’s going to be hard to get a unit that checks all your boxes. Since you are going to invest a lot of time and money after it, so to honor your investment we’ve narrowed down the list of smoker grill combos to 10 basing on their price, longevity, variety of features, comfort and performance reported by users. Research a bit and then start hunting for one that offers most suiting features on the best price.

A great combo will bring out the best in you, few models allow smoking and grilling both at once. With these versatile cookers, enjoy restaurant-style tender meat – be it beef, chicken, turkey or pork every weekend. Fall in love with cooking – and let us help you choose the best, in this journey of yours.


Why buy a grill smoker combo?

Since you are here searching for the best buy in the smoker grill realm, we take it you’re considering buying one. So you already know this to be efficient for your budget. Still, let us elaborate a bit for those who are new to the idea and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about it too. The general idea is one unit serving both smoking and grilling purposes. Nonetheless, there’s more to the story.

They are trendy:

  • In time you’ll wonder how in the world you once lived without your combo grill. This generation takes food more seriously than they take their education. Grilling, smoking, barbecuing and such are considered art. On your way to mastering it, you’ll find yourself searching for new recipes to try on smoker now and then.

Easy on the wallet:

Advanced technology has allowed the happening of a combination of two different styles of cooking method to abode in one unit. So it saves you the trouble for buying different equipment and storing them also taking care of different units.

Beginners Advantage:

Recent technologies have made the controls easier and more straightforward so even the newbies can understand pretty fine and have a safe learning experience.

Star of Parties:

  • Add an extra dimension to your outdoor parties with your deliciously barbecued, grilled or smoked series of meat. Making every bite count so whenever your circle reminisces about the party they mouth will start watering again.

Types of Smoker Grills available at the market:

There are many types of smoker grills selling on the market. So people have enough options to choose from suiting their tastes. They can be differed in size, style and based on what fuel they use.

Pellet Smoker:

  • Fuelled by pellet chips. Ideal for beginners, since its mechanical automated settings need minimum expertise to cook the best-smoked food. The ultimate “set it, and forget it” – pellet smokers are always on top of the lists of BBQ experts, they are that good. Cook, bake, smoke, grill, roast, braise – try endless recipes and the smoker will continue to surprise you with its versatility. They aren’t known as the king of the smokers for nothing.

You can find many types of pellet smoker in a wide price range. The bigger the budget the better the smoker becomes. This is one of the downsides of pellet smoker that most of their good purchases are very pricey. But the product is worth the price that is for sure.

Offset Smoker:

  • Traditional smoker fanatics love this type since it has been in the market for the longest period. They have a lot of designs and available from hundreds to thousands of dollars. They cover the biggest cooking surface – cook a large amount of food at one go, great for people with big families. They are usually fuelled by charcoal or wood, sometimes both for better-flavored meat.

But cooking on it needs constant babysitting, so it takes a while to master it.

Kamado Cooker:

  • Kamado smokers came into America after the world war ll from japan. It means a stove or a place for cauldron. This egg-shaped ceramic body has been winning hearts ever since its entrance in the BBQ world. Kamados come in different types – they are usually fuelled by charcoals but there are also versions of kamado that runs on gas or electricity. Their most known look is oval-shaped clay pot, resembling an egg. Their size makes them very fuel-efficient, they can retain temperature for a long time. There are vents to control the heat, in the hands of experts, they can reach very accurate temperatures.

Even though the ceramic body makes the kamado heat efficient it also makes it very fragile. You have to be careful while using it, they aren’t exactly known for being sturdy. The ceramic exterior also makes it very expensive. And for the price you pay, you’ll get a fairly small space for cooking. Apart from that, the quality of food will be beyond doubt heavenly. You can put its versatility to use by smoking, grilling, baking, roasting and more on the same unit.

Gas Smoker:

  • If you want something portable, a gas smoker is the one you should go with. Unlike other smokers, it runs on a gas tank. Most gas smokers are designed to run on LP gas but few also runs on natural gas. They are more budget-friendly than kamado, pellet and offset smoker. The best part of gas smokers is that controlling the temperature is extremely easy, just turn a dial. Some offer digital temperature control with an LED screen so you can have a precise read on the current temperature then. They are also very easy to master so you can gift them to your friend who is a beginner in the world of grilling and barbecue. No need to babysit the smoker, you’ll need a bigger portion of gas if you’re going to be using the smoker for a long period. Propane is not very expensive so it is also a great smoker for economic purposes. If you are low on budget, now you know what to look for.

Despite its series of pros, there is its share of cons. Well, nothing is perfect. Grilling on gas makes you miss the smokey flavor you get from charcoal or the savory wood-fired taste. They also make less smoke compared to other types of smokers. And even though a small propane tank doesn’t cost much but still you’re going to need to keep on buying them frequently, as frequent as every cook, depending on how much time you are using the smoker.

Charcoal Smoker:

  • If pellet smokers are the king of smokers than charcoal smokers will surely be the queen of smokers. They have endless designs – barrel shape, drum shape, bullet shape, kettle shape you name it. Meat cooked in charcoal smokers are different than others, one bite and you know it just from the richness of taste. They have a wide price range, starting from 2 digits to thousands of dollars. Whatever the price they are surely worth it. Takes up small space, also because charcoal smokers aren’t mechanical in design so there isn’t any chance of it suddenly failing. They are best known for their smoking but can also be used for grilling. So if you have a small family but smoking enthusiast, a charcoal smoker will fit in like a member of the family.

However, mastering a charcoal smoker takes a while, not to mention the concentration and passion it needs. You’ll also find that starting fire on the charcoal smoker to be an extreme sport and keeping the temperature to your desired level is even more challenging.

Electric Smoker:

  • A perfect version of a smoker for BBQ amateurs. Since there is no hassle of making a fire or monitoring gas tanks and keeping it steady while using vents and dampers and such. Just put the wood pellets in, ready the meat, power it up, set the temperature and look who’ve mastered the electric smoker! Cheaper than most of the smokers available in the market. Those who live in apartments find electric smokers to be very useful since they can be used indoors. Very easy to set up and use, actual set and forget feature. Controls are simple and precise, learn the features after one cook. And the food comes out praiseworthy too.

Even so, many don’t prefer electric smoker over others. Since they aren’t much ideal for outdoor use and if it’s not obvious enough – they use up a lot of electricity so the bill should not come as a shock. And while they produce good food but still lack the dark authentic flavor that you get from other smokers. Professional smokers tend to avoid this type but for private use, you won’t have a thing to complain.

What should you look out for when buying a grill smoker combo?

Does it function with versatility?

Since this is what the cookers specialty is all about, this is in no means bargainable. Look for combinations of smoking and grilling settings – this is what you initially need and if possible more variety in features. Below down the review section, you’ll find that at an affordable price you can get 5 or 6 features in one cooking unit.

How much can you cook in one session?

Definitely, you have an idea about how many people you normally cook for, how often do you host big parties and get together and any such occasions that enable you to cook for more people than usual. So do rough math and buy a smoker grill just big enough for your needs. You wouldn’t want to be a cheapskate and find that you’ve bought one that is smaller than you need or bigger one where most of the space and feature just sits idly.

Also how much space you can spare to store your smoker is important. Consider all the ups and downs before finalizing what to buy.

Is the Price Reasonable?

Aim for a model that has all, or at the very least, most of the features you need at a reasonable price. Researching is a must if you want to avoid disasters such as buying a pricey model with complex settings that you don’t even want to use it anymore. Give more priority to comfort – what’s the use if you’re not having fun! Similarly buying a cheap unit will lead to fast decaying and you’ll find yourself buying a new one or changing parts that is gonna cost you more.

Is the temperature difficult to control?

To control temperature, make sure the package holds a decent thermometer. Most smoker grill’s built-in thermometer doesn’t give an accurate read. So it isn’t wise to completely rely on that. We recommend that you buy one separately to check the heat level. Existence of enough vents and dampers will make altering temperature easier. This is important else you’ll find your hand grilling alongside the meat. Range of temperature it can reach and ability to keep on that temperature steadily.

Are its parts easily available?

Some brands restrict other dealers to ship or sail their unit’s parts. So if you see any parts need changing – brace yourself because this might be a hassle. Amazon can be a solution for most parts of most brands. Searching for parts online is less troubling than going out looking for them in person. So to save yourself from future troubles choose a brand that has their part readily available near you or easily obtainable online.

Are the features available advanced?

Research what you are spending on your money on, or is it overpriced for the features it offers? And the available features should not only be fulfilling to your needs but also simple to use and designed with modern technology. Since they make grilling and cooking effortless, make sure your money is well spent.

Does it come with a warranty?

Warranties come in handy when after purchasing you find that the cookers have manufacturing faults. The brands that don’t offer at least 1-year warranties on their products aren’t basically trustworthy. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty with their smoker grills.

Is food quality satisfying?

To check this, you can surf around buying websites to see users’ feedback on the product or if any of your friends or neighbour have it, always better to have a first-hand opinion on things such as this. Maybe drop by their place one day for advice and have a taste of the cookers’ result as a bonus. *wink*

Is the cooker portable?

It is a feature you cannot ignore if you go around camping much and need your smoker grill to spice things up. Some grills are designed to stay at one place and moving those models around is a piece of work. They are compatible with your needs if you bought the smoker grill for weekend gatherings. For mobility look for units with wheels, they come with wheel casters so you can steady the grill when you’re cooking.

Does it clean easily?

To keep your smoker in its top condition, it is essential that you don’t procrastinate on cleaning. For some smoker, it might be a hassle and for some, it comes much easier. However, since you have to clean it after every cook so it won’t be unwise to find out if the grill is not difficult to clean. The ash clean-out system should be simple. Watch out for unnecessary designs where it can collect specks of dust and is hard to reach while cleaning.

What is the Best Smoker Grill Combo?

Generally, people don’t put much faith into combos – since as most experience serves one of their service quality is usually compromised. The market is full of such products, some is going to win hearts and some is going to break it, but why let that stop you when with the right smoker grill combo, you can not only save money and time but also get top-notch technology and efficient service!

In this article we analysis 10 different models that are ruling the market – we have chosen them based on their durability, price, quality of service, customer satisfaction and size. But remember it’s not a ranking so check all the products carefully. Follow me!

If you’re thinking of planning a big hangout with family and friends, Traeger Grills can give you one less thing to worry about. It has a huge - 646 sq. inches cooking space, you’ll never have to think twice about the quantity of food to cook or smoke. Replace charcoal and gas smoker with this wood-fuelled smoker for the authentic food flavor. It is designed to perform versatile jobs in ways you only ever imagined. The interior is really roomy, you can cook 32 hot dogs, 24 burgers, 9 racks of delicious smoked ribs or 6 whole chickens! The quality of the food cooked in it is ensured by the customer themselves. Easy to use and install and definitely built to last a long period.


Large cooking capacity consisting of 646 square inches.

Equipped with digital elite control that lets you maintain precise temperatures within +/- 25 degrees; allowing you to cook in your preferred temperature.

Fuelled with wood, forget the days of hassling with charcoals. It’s hardwood pellets are made with pure and virgin hardwood.

Electric auto-start ignition allows you to start up the smoker simply with a switch.

The grill grates that come with the smoker is coated with porcelain making it non-sticky and easy to clean.

Constructed with steel and finished with powder coating; making it durable and long-lasting.

The glider wheels with casters make the smoker mobile when needed and park where you want it.

6 in 1 versatile cooker that enables you to do a barbecue, grill, smoke, bake, roast and braise all on the same smoker!


Easy to install and use.

Be it low and slow or hot and fast both is possible with this amazing smoker.

LED display makes the screen easier to read.

Cleaning the smoker is easy.

Massive space to cook seamlessly.


The quality of the griller’s cover isn’t that admirable.

Issues in temperature control after usage.

A great purchase if you host big parties or have a large family. The elegant model will fit in your patio unlike any other.

This smoker effortlessly checks all the boxes of being one of the most advanced smokers available in the present market. You’ll continue to be amazed by its multi-function technology which is beyond expectation! Cook anything you want and however you want – cooking, smoking, grilling you name it. And the quality of service is so perfect that it will leave nothing to be desired. You’ve never had this much fun while cooking that much I can guarantee. The smoker has enough space for you to never have to worry about the amount of food to be cooked. And the TRU Infrared technology is like a cherry on top – it ensures an even access of heat that results in a professionally cooked juicy meat. With its non-complex features and lightweight body, it will win your heart in just one cook.


Suiting your mood, smoke, grill or cook your meat with the Big Easy smokers all in one function.

No flare-ups – the TRU Infrared technology ensures juicy and tender meat after every cook.

Make use of the roasting basket by roasting ribs, turkey, meats, etc. evenly.

Large cooking space consisting of 180 sq. inches grilling area and it also holds up to 25 lbs for roasting.

Equipped with a smoker box to add more flavor to the meat.

Control the temperature between 9000 to 18,000 BTU’s.


Even heat distribution is ensured with the TRU Infrared technology.

Oil isn’t required to cook in this smoker; making it one of the best oil-less fryers in the market.

Massive storage.

Offers multi-functional cooking, chance to get creative with cooking, roasting or smoking in one smoker!

Durable build; made with quality material.


Got to set the smoker up yourself since it doesn’t come assembled.

Unimpressive quality control. Some customers reported damaged parts in the shipment.

A sophisticated smoker with a wide variety of features and advanced technology available at a reasonable price. Looking for a great smoker and griller combo? This should totally be on your list.

3. Pit Boss 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker, 22”:

Pit Boss is well known for its satisfied customer feedbacks. And here with this kamado grill cooker, the legacy is well kept. This cooker is extremely loved by the users for its quality, versatility, and beauty. Ancient Asian kamado-style cooker is modernized and born in this efficient manner. The cooker’s thick ceramic walls encapsulate the heat and radiate them evenly on the food while locking the moisture of food and enhancing the taste of the food. This cooker is not only efficient in thermal distribution but also in price. The smoker uses charcoal as its fuel; with every lump of charcoal, the cookers heating efficiency enhances. With its superior temperature control with calibrated cooking vents, you can slow cook ribs, roast, grill, smoke and sear like a chef. You’ll find cooking to be more fun than ever!


The sturdy ceramic build is built to last and is ideal for burning charcoal and locking heat.

To set the desired temperature cast iron tamper comes in handy.

the foldable bamboo shelves have added additional space to the smoker with style.

662 sq. inches cooking space with dual-layer stainless steel cooking grates provide big enough space for better heat distribution and adjusting food.

Able to reach temperature up to 700 degrees.

Comes with a free ash removal tool for easy ash cleaning.


The glossy black coating serves the aesthetic purpose.

Classic taste in food with authentic charcoal flavor.

Added wheels make it easier to move around.

Included built-in thermometer.


Poor quality control.

This smoker can satisfy you with its great service, quality of food and also with beauty. If you prefer long-lasting smoker for your small perfect family – this will fit right in!

The Woodwind classic pellet grill is one of the top-selling products from Camp Chef. This exquisite model is designed to do all the work for you, and perfectly too. Leave the days of bland chicken and burnt steaks behind you with its advanced temperature control system. Just set the desired temperature and it will do the rest. With the minimum effort, you can get the best food ready; grilling is way easier and better with it. The premium hardwood pellet that is used as fuel smokes while infusing a savory taste in food. Grill, smoke, sear or braise as you wish and get perfect outcome every time!


The digital temperature control makes maintaining heat easier; set the temperature and let it be, the automatic auger feed pellets in the grill produced optimal amount of smoke.

Its versatility knows no end – grilling, baking, roasting, smoking foods in one grill will be your new hobby.

Cook slow or fast as you wish because it offers a great temperature range of 160°F to 500°F and the sear box can reach 900°F that can be set easily just by tapping of the finger.

570 sq. inches cooking space that can be enlarged by removing the upper warming rack. Cook for the whole neighborhood without having any trouble.

This model offers Camp Chef’s patented ash cleanout system that makes cleaning between cooks as easy as pulling a lever.

Propane fuelled sear box can reach temperature up to 900°F ensuring a crispy and caramelized sear finish every time.



Exclusive ash cleaning system ensures no more hassling with vacuum and wasting time.

No need to babysit the griller anymore.


Few people suffered fluctuation of temperature.

With the wonderful features it offers, you’ll surely love it. Let the woodwind help you on your way of grill mastery.

5. 18- ½ in. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package:

Despite this model is not very aesthetically neat to look at but their service surpasses others. This vertical smoker is going to cost you a lot less compared to other smokers and will also take up less space so efficient in both ways. It’s built to last a long period; multi-level cooking surface makes sure you have enough space to cook however much amount you want to cook. Also, the smoker comes with rod and hooks so you can cook and serve sausage links, turkeys, etc. like a chef. For its ability to deliver quality food results and service has declared it the “Best Bargain on a Smoker in the World” and is also awarded the top Best Value Gold Medal Award.


Hook n hang your meals with 8 stainless steel hooks that Pit Barrel offers and with a standard grate for perfect searing and grilling.

An ideal sized charcoal box is included to fit the right amount of charcoal to ensure a flawless cook every time.

PBC is easy to operate due to its unique design which allows producing impressive result constantly.

You’ll face much less hassle compared to other smokers while assembling the parts.

The package includes a Standard Steel Grate, a Charcoal Box, 2 Hanging Rod, 8 Stainless Steel Hooks and a Hook Remover Tool.


Uses “Minon Method” so perfectly smoked meat is ensured.

Easy to use and maintain; makes it ideal for beginners.

Convenient to clean.

The same flawless result every time.

Excellent product in this price range.


Cooking high and fast can be a bit tough.

Just follow the well-described instructions that come with the smoker and you’ll be a barbecue expert in no time. If you want a decent smoker at an affordable price, definitely check this one and thank me later.

Char-Broil Offset Smoker claims to be one of the best choices for smoking meat perfectly. The easy access drawers of this smoker make refilling water and wood chips effortless. Its construction design with square legs is also praiseworthy which makes it sturdy and stable. 290 sq. inches welded cooking chamber keeps the smoke inside so you can get the most of smokey flavor infused in food. Its size makes it ideal for medium-sized family, side handle and wheels adds mobility to its pros. You can control the temperature and smokes of your offset smoker with an adjustable heat control system and chimney vent. The design of this smoker is well thought and easy to use.


This smoker is a great combination of Offset smoker, Charcoal grill & Barbecue.

Large cooking space includes 290 sq. inches in the main chamber and 140 sq. inches in firebox chamber. The dimension of the main chamber is as follows – 48.03W x 17.5D x 44.6H inches.

Offers clean-out door for easy ash removal.

Comes with adjustable built-in damper.

The porcelain wired steel fire grate has an adjustable height feature.

Porcelain-coated enamel water pan.

Offers a steel box to store wood chips.


Mounted lid locks the smoke and heat for better taste.

All black construction and touch handle add a cool visual.

Easy to move and clean.

Comes with a convenient side shelf.


Poor construction material.

Rusts easily.

Now this unit fairly cheap and you’ll need to keep your expectations in par with the price. If you are new to the world of barbecue and have a small family, this one will do justice to you.

7. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer:

If you have recently started to watch your diet with oily foods and still crave barbecue, then this is exactly the best deal for you. Char-Broil’s TRU Infrared Technology required no oil while frying so not only you can watch out for your health, you can also save yourself from all the troubles of spilling and splattering oils while barbecuing! Not to mention it is very straightforward to use, you have to do nothing but to leave the meat to Char-Broil’s expert hands. The Big Easy Smoker uses infrared heat to cook big pounds of meat and it just as fast too; 16 lbs take up to 8 to 10 minutes per pound. The double-wall cylinder chamber contains an enclosed cooking propane burner that generates heat which encircles the burner and cooks the meat evenly in process. A blessed technology to cook without added fat and calories.


Char-Broil’s patented infrared technology ensures even heat distribution and delivers crispy juicy meat every time.

Cook large cuts of meats such as turkeys, chickens, beef roasts, pork, etc.

The complete package includes the cooker, a cooking basket, a lifter, a thermometer, rotary ignition, cool-touch handles and a quick guide to the cooker.

The fryer measures 24.5 inches’ height and 21.1 inches’ in diameter and weighs 30 lbs. large cooking space that can fry up to 16 lbs.

You can add rib hooks to your list and fry bone-in or boneless ribs without oil and bunk bed basket to make use of extra space in the cooker.

With only two control knobs; the operation is as easy as it comes.

Fuelled by gas.

The drip pan underneath the cooking chamber is removable.


Doesn’t require oil so no chance of flare-ups.

Unlike traditional fryers, you can brush seasoning on the meat.

Cooks healthy food without extra calories.

Small in size; so easy to store.


Few customers faced problems with heat not reaching all points.

Cook delicious foods in a short time with this infrared Big Easy fryer. Keep both your health and satisfaction in line. A must buy for those in search of oil-free cooks.

Traeger Pellet grill uses wood instead of charcoal and gas so you can get an authentic wood-fired taste. This is a bit pricey but not only with the looks but also the service and the food result will soon make you thankful that you bought it. It has a wide cooking area; very fit for throwing big parties. It’s easy to operate so beginners will find it very convenient to use, and can master the grilling very fast. Versatility is its specialty; grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast or barbecue – it does everything perfectly. The elite temperature control system keeps the heat within +/- 20 degrees Fahrenheit of your desired temp with the highest temperature of 450 degrees. It has the perfect space for grilling; you won’t have a thing to complain about.


Powered by electricity and leave it to wood pellets to add savory wood-fired taste in the food.

The cooking area covers 292 sq. inches.

The mounted lid has bronze finish making it look sleeker.

No hassle at all; starts automatically.

Automatically operating auger.

Included wheels make the griller move around easier.


Aesthetically pleasing visual.

Straightforward digital control.

Wheels come with locking clusters.

Easily cleanable.


The temperature fluctuates sometimes.

Lacks one-way ash removal door.

Bad customer service.

With a fairly small family, you can have a field day with this one. A great recommendation for people new on the barbecue world and doesn’t want complex settings to get good grilling result.

9. Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing BBQ Grill Model PS990:

This Smoke Hollow model allows you to choose between gas and charcoal to use as fuel or both, why not? There is also an option to use the smoker’s firebox or to use the infrared Searing Burner. This heavy-duty smoker lets you totally have your way to get the best barbecue result. The charcoal pull-out tray gives you control over the heat – which operates mostly in a less complex manner than most of the similar models in the market. The smoker also offers 3 burners for perfect heat levels – you can control the level of heat by deciding how many burners you’re going to light given that each burner has different flame heights. This feature makes it fit for cooking different meat at once.


Four grilling options available in one unit – gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker firebox, and infrared searing burner. Choose your fighter!

The ceramic infrared searing burner will sear meats, steaks, and seafood and lock the flavor.

The three-burner liquid gas grill can cook up to 20 hamburgers at a time – each burner has different flame heights so controlling the heat level is easier.

The charcoal grill offers adjustable charcoal pan that provides charcoal-grilling flavor also easier temperature control.

The offset firebox smoker can be used to infuse indirect heat and wood flavor to the food and gives the meat an authentic barbecue flavor.

The warming racks are coated with porcelain.


Allows multiple styles of barbecue cooking.

Ensured even heat distribution.

Endless variety.

Perfect for any types of barbecue.


Made with non-durable material.

Assembling is a drag and lengthy process.

If you want a big grill to cook for your big circle of friends and family at one go and like to switch between different tastes of barbecue, then this unit might be what you’re looking for.

Last but not the least, Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is another 7 in 1 grill – royal addition to your list. Love grilling and barbecue? Then ask no more because this baby is gonna do it all! Its automated electric feed function will help you regulate the temperature digitally – the digital control system is there to make sure you face no complex. The large cooking space just adds more to its perfection, you’ll find it to be your best friend while holding big hangout and parties. It can easily fit 4 whole chicken, 24 hamburgers or 5 racks of ribs, what’s there not to like! The hardwood pellet fuelling the grill enriches the meat with a majestic wood-fired taste – serve it right and you’ll be the next master chef of your circle.


Fuelled by wood – infuses a natural smokey flavor in food, unlike any charcoal and gas grill.

Go creative with 7 in 1 versatile grill – bake, roast, sear, smoke, grill, braise and barbecue your food just as you like it.

The built-in temperature control system makes setting and altering heat level as easy as turning a dial, the maximum reach is 450 degrees.

For a big grill, it is extremely easy to clean. Comes with a built-in waste oil collector – making the cleaning work easier.

The large cooking space covers 324 sq. inches in the main rack and 128 sq. inches in warming rack – offers 15 lbs Hopper capacity.

Z Grills offers 100% satisfaction Guarantee – meaning you’ll get a 100% refund or replacement within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with the product given that the product is still in sellable condition.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker comes with a 3-year warranty.


Durable construction and easy to move around.

Easy temperature control.

Big grilling space.

Easy cleaning.


Have to keep babysitting it to eliminate temperature lag.

Ensured quality and top tier foods are effortless in the land of Z Grills. With reasonable price get the best for your big family and friends. A smart combination of non-complex features and quality service – highly recommended to both amateurs and veteran of grilling.


Q.1: Can one get enough dripping from the cooker to make soup and gravy?

A.1: Yes, the drip pan catches enough flavorful juices and ingredients for homemade gravy, collect them take it to the stovetop for further preparation.

Q.2: How well does infrared smoker delivers service compared to traditional charcoal smokers?

A.2: The infrared smoker is different but good different. The meat will be moist and you’ll love it.

Q.3: Can I use the bristle brush to clean the grid?

A.3: Not recommended, use nylon brush instead.

Q.4: Can I use wood chips instead of charcoal in my kamado cooker?

A.4: You can use wood chips ALONGSIDE charcoal to give the food a richer taste.

Q.5: Are the cookers waterproof? Can it be used in rain?

A.5: Outdoor smokers are designed to withstand rain or snow. Takes a bit longer to cook though.

Q.6: I’m new in BBQ so how do you understand when meat is done?

A.6: Get a temperature probe to check the meat in recommended times, you’ll get the hang of it after a few cooks.


After looking at all our options we expect you to have a gist of what the recent market is offering and at what price range. While reviewing I tried to impartially describe the upside and downsides of the cookers based on the experience of users. For better judgment it is essential that you get your needs in a list and also your budget, then go through various reviews doesn’t necessarily have to be this one. Surf internet ask friends around who uses or knows about smoker grill combos. After getting your preferred smoker, remember to take care of it, follow instructions while cooking and abide by the rules that will make even the less pricey smokers last longer. Best of luck for your next combo cook!

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